Monday, 30 January 2012

Villa in the cup - O ye, of little faith!

I predicted a 3-2 victory at half-time. A shame I didn't have the courage of my convictions and back it up with a wager.
Half-time was particularly funny for the string of abuse launched in my direction by the perpetual moaner who sits 5 or 6 rows behind me. He loudly announced that Wenger should resign. I started laughing but any attempt to engage in a rational conversation was met with a stream of expletives. I'm not sure whether he took me up on my suggestion that he should go home immediately and watch Spurs on Sky+. 
A strange first half. The Arsenal dominated with Rosicky, in particular, finding acres of space but with little end-product in the final third. Villa had two attacks and scored twice. Arsenal booed off by some so-called fans, including, no doubt, the 'moaner'.
A switch-about in the second half, with Arsenal showing more penetration resulting in two pens and a fortuitous ricochet off Theo. Cue celebrations and cheers all around. The fickle fans with little faith!

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