Monday, 5 September 2011

My season started so well!

A catch-up post!

The season started well with a Kangeroo burger in Newcastle city centre prior to the game against the Barcodes. I noticed a stall selling Vension and Aberdeen Angus burgers - good, thick meaty ones like you get on the deli counter in Waitrose. Then saw they were selling Ostrich burgers and finally Kangeroo! Nothing like the latter to increase the pre-season optimistic spring in the step. This was maintained for the first 20 minutes or so of the match when Arsenal attacked with tempo and look dangerous. Then came that all too familiar return to normality - slow build-up, let the opposition get organised and aimlessly pass the ball across the pitch and back.

Missed Liverpool at home as it was my daughter's wedding. Was initially disappointed when she organised her nuptials for the second week of the season but it turns out it was an inspired choice!

ManU away - missed as I was on holiday in the Lake District. Logged into and was only half--shocked to see the scoreline. Did record the match and was going to go straight to delete but my Gooner-supporting window-cleaner persuaded me to watch it - I've got through to half-time so far watching about 10-15 minutes at a time! For me, the RvP penalty miss sums it all up -it was a dreadful penalty that reflects the complete lack of confidence in the team. There are no runs into the box, no challenging for the ball especially Theo who likes to stand back and get a good view as the defender heads clear - he's getting paid for the best seat in the house while the supporters are forking out £50 ish. The only one really getting stuck in is Arshavin but he's going over the top, both figuratively and literally.

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