Thursday, 21 April 2011

3-1 and we f**ked it up (again)

Not much to say really. The inability to hang onto a lead is now totally expected!
Theo started brightly and took his goal with aplomb but, as the game wore on, he was increasingly making those runs where he hides behind a defender so is not available for a pass thereby absolving himself of any attacking responsibility. This, together with a less than committed work rate when we didn't have the ball meant he had the 'best seat in the house' - you can't get closer to the action than that.
In the second half, Fab4 gave the impression of being a) tired, b) injured or c) couldn't be bothered - perhaps all three. His work on the ball was ok-ish though his tendency to dwell and slow the tempo plus some misplaced passes meant it was not one of his better games. His work rate off the ball and his desire to regain possession were poor.
At 3-3 there was only going to be one winner, luckily Spurs didn't score again.
So nothing really changes - lots of possession, few chances, Hlebitis (the proclivity to pass in and around the penalty box rather than shoot), no leadership, substitutions by numbers (of which Bendtner for Walcott with B52 playing wide right is the most egregious).
All in all a fairly negative post but the problems with the team have been apparent for some time now.

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