Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mental strength

No, not about the team, it's the fans. Didn't go to Albion but followed the game on's web text service from half-time. Watched the goals on the web in the evening and have recorded Football First for my delectation later today. For what I can gather it was a game of uneven halves if that is possible/plausible, whatever! Arsenal didn't play for 70 mins, Manuel proves everybody right and then the team kicks in for 20 mins and could have won. Will post an update once I watched FF which I think will demand oodles of fortitude.

However, I do note that the world and his wife, in particular the 'red-tops', are jumping on the 'Arsenal - lack of mental strength' bandwagon'. Read my post from 15th November 2010!

And now one for the future! Why is AW content to keep Eboue on the bench? He continues to juggle the lookalikies (I know that's rhyming slang but not in this context) and seems to forget that when Theo was playing he provided a different dimension to the 'identikit brothers'. Why not play Eboue wide right - he's got pace, skill, can run with the ball at speed and provide additional defensive support. Not as good as Theo in front of goal but then Theo himself is not the most composed in this area. Remember where you read it first.

Finally - Bendtner to the Bundesliga (as per last week's NoW or Sunday Peeps) - predicted that 4 weeks ago - ask Rob!

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